Collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

In 2016, Neolith® Group collaborated with the initiative set up by theVicente Ferrer Foundation in Andhra Pradesh (India), the mission of which was to reverse the historical poverty and inequality they suffer from by carrying out different actions with an impact on the people and their communities.

Specifically, Neolith® Group helped build the Maruvapalli housing colony for the Dalits. The poorest and most discriminated members of Indian society, they include some 160 million people who live separate from the rest of the population.

The future residents worked on the construction, thereby securing a job, improving their homes and participating in the creation of communities to be able to live in dignity.

The homes offer physical protection in a harsh climate: monsoon rains, intense heat (more than 45º) and biting insects. This project empowered the Dalits as they became the masters of their own destiny, fostering knowledge of their rights, abilities to self-organize and participation in education, health, women’s, environmental and disability programs.

Neolith® Group supported this initiative with the construction of 2 homes with a bathroom and shower which are appropriate for the customs and materials available in the area, naming them: Neolith and Granith.

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