Neolith® Global Forest

In an effort to help preserve the planet’s biodiversity, Neolith® Group is joining an all-new global environmental initiative that seeks to protect our natural world by planting some 300 trees in some of the most endangered and fragile ecosystems in the world.

It’s a reforestation campaign that will be carried out through Treedom to highlight the efforts of its network of partners by planting a tree on behalf of each of them.

Planting Life

Kenya, Cameroon, Haiti and Ecuador are the regions that have been chosen to begin this agroforestry project which includes diverse species like: 60 tomato trees, 50 spider flower plants and 10 drumstick trees in Kenya 70 cocoa and 35 banana trees in Cameroon, as well as 50 cashew trees in Haiti and 25 coffee trees in Ecuador. All of this will bring about great change in addition to funding small agroforestry projects in these areas.

There will also be many other varied benefits such as protecting the flora and fauna and fighting soil erosion.

With this initiative, With this initiative, Neolith® will also absorb 68,450 tons of CO2 and get a total of 18 farmers involved, thereby contributing to the local communities’ self-sufficiency with direct funding for local farmers, training to diversify their capabilities and the possibility of being able to benefit from other sustainable opportunities.

Neolith® will also be able to track the collective progress of all the trees planted and monitor them through an internal online platform showing the geolocation of each tree, their growth and conditions and just how much CO2 is absorbed throughout their lives.

A greener future

It’s a gesture of gratitude from Neolith® to its distributors in the present yet with real, quantifiable value for the future which simply speaks to the sustainable DNA the brand is known for in order to inspire and encourage its community to unite around this great environmental task that concerns us all.

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