Social awareness campaign with @ Pepitamola as the Neolith® brand ambassador.

In 2018, Neolith® Group began a social awareness campaign featuring @Pepitamola, who became the Neolith® brand ambassador because of how she reflects the company’s values: family, humility and perseverance.

With this campaign, Neolith® Group aimed to do its own bit to spread awareness and contribute to the social integration of people with Down Syndrome, breaking down all the stigma around them.

The idea was also to pay homage to Pepita and all the brave people out there who face life’s challenges with positivity, passion and determination.

Neolith® Group undertook a commitment as part of this campaign to donate a portion of its profits at the end of the year to the Pepitamola Foundation, the main aim of which is precisely to fight for the normalization and integration of people with special and extraordinary abilities like Pepita.

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